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    Hi Sara – what a wonderful tribute to Dr. Sacks. I read the NYT post from the link u shared on twitter — a wonderful piece. I completely agree with the necessity of expressing gratitude on a regular basis. I was having a busy, anxiety-provoking day today and felt quite irritable getting behind in my schedule in clinic, so much that I didn’t want to do my weekly Thankful Thursdays bit on my Snapchat. However, once I got a quick break in my busy appt schedule, I went ahead and did it and expressed gratitude to awesome staff members who lend me a hand when things get stressful. What a complete shift in mindset that expressing gratitude had on my mood and outlook! Anyway, long story short, I really enjoyed reading this post and having u highlight such an important life lesson (among many) learned from Dr. Sacks 🙂

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      Thank you so much for your reply Vania! I really appreciate you sharing your experience with gratitude and the impact it has on your life. I also believe that taking those moments to express gratitude when you feel the most overwhelmed can make such a positive impact.

      Enjoy your weekend!

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