After 5 Years of Blogging, It’s Time For a Break

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.” ~ Rumi

Over the past five years, I’ve never missed posting a new blog post on Sunday. I’m proud of that fact, but I’m also well aware of the need for change and renewal – everything has a season. When I first started my blog, my intention was to offer myself a platform to explore my interests, allow creative expression, and ultimately, hoped to add some value to the lives of others. I looked upon it as a journey of self-discovery, one I couldn’t have taken without my husband who provided me unwavering support both emotionally and physically with the technology and the behind the scenes, my family and friends who were loyal readers of the blog, and all my other blog supporters that I’ve met along the way.

I know this is starting to sound like goodbye, and I’m not finalizing it as such today, but it is for the next month or so. Colin and I have revisited my current intention (he’s literally my coach as well by the way) with the blog, along with my other unrelated plans and ideas. I’m starting to feel that part of my initial intention to impact others is more difficult when it’s only coming from a place that I choose to write about. I now crave more input from others in order to really address their pain points and develop actionable problem-solving strategies for them.

Another factor in this whole process, as many of you already know, our family made a major move this past summer to beautiful Victoria, British Columbia. This was a well-planned, desired move, but it certainly brought with it a lot of transitions. We’ve always embraced transitions because they offer time to truly reflect on the way things are, and in turn, the way you want them to be. As part of this move, I made a commitment to focus on our online endeavours, which includes our sister website Physicians For Physicians, and further leverage my Sara T, M.D. blog.

However, with all that being said, my 5 year anniversary has brought me to this crossroads with my blog. Although it has led to some great opportunities for me and has offered me a way to display a portfolio of sorts, as I’ve mentioned previously, the cost of maintaining it is not an inexpensive venture. It’s never been about the money for me, but at this juncture, it has become another factor to consider. Sure, I could have had ads or sponsors but I made a conscious decision to not have them. So, I am going to give myself some time to properly process, wrap-up and move onto the next chapter.

Colin and I have a lot on our plate until mid May so I am not committing to an exact return date. When I do return, it will likely be a “so long for now” – I hope you stay tuned to see.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me and see you again soon.


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