5 Reasons Why I Am Deleting My Facebook Account

“The information age is converting a human from loving to logical and replacing his peace with the pain.” ~ Amit Kalantri, Wealth of Words

I am writing about social media again, but this time in a different vein, as to why I am deleting my Facebook account. I have long resisted getting personally tied up in Facebook and never really did. The main reason I have had a Facebook profile has been for the purpose of sharing my weekly posts, as I recognize that it is some people’s preferred way to receive such information. Having said that, I hope to still engage those people through either other social media platforms or e-mail subscription.

Safe to say, we all aware that Facebook has recently drawn much negative attention in relation to data misuse in Trump’s 2016 campaign. Based on the way that Facebook ads are targeted towards its users, this isn’t that surprising to me that it could be taken a step further – in the wrong direction.

This past week, I read a post from our local mayor in Victoria, Lisa Helps, announcing she is quitting Facebook. She provided a great overview as to why and included some valid points such as “Facebook has become a toxic, echo chamber where people who have anything positive to say are often in defense mode against negativity and anger.” I think we find some of this everywhere on social media and online, but some would argue, more so on Facebook.

So why am I deleting my Facebook account?

Here are 5 reasons I am deleting my Facebook account:

1) I don’t engage on it anyways. I haven’t invested a lot of unique content on Facebook nor do I rely on it for engaging with others. I have never joined a Facebook group, and have felt some internal pressure to do so, so this just takes away that thought.

2) I have always considered Facebook to be intrusive. I am always receiving e-mails regarding “people you may know”. It can feel pushy and raises concerns for me about privacy given how they figure out who you in fact actually know.

3) In the early days of starting my blog, I did invest in some Facebook ads, and not only did it not make a difference, it was very expensive. I follow a lot of online entrepreneurs and it is not unusual for them to say that you will pays tens of thousands of dollars in Facebook advertising to make an impact and they are often frustrated when the algorithms change. It just seems to be more and more money driven.

4) No other social media platform exudes as much negative energy as Facebook, and as much as possible, I am all about releasing myself from energy that potentially drains me. I know some people have told me it really can feel like a vortex, and before they know it, they have been fixated on what Facebook is feeding them far beyond what they intended. To be honest, I already feel that I am on my devices more than I probably should be.

5) De-clutter, minimize and simplify. We have embraced this in our household for awhile and this pertains to my online space as well. Recently, I did an “unsubscribe” de-cluttering of my e-mail inbox. This is just another version, one less thing to think about.

I am not trying to sway anyone to delete their Facebook account, but instead, just wanted to shed some light on why you won’t find me on Facebook in any capacity anymore. It really won’t impact me in the way I know it would for many people who rely on it both personally and professionally and who have valuable content on it.

If Facebook is the way that you have connected with me in past, I encourage you to connect with me elsewhere on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and my blog/website moving forward.


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